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All Grown Up

i'm new.

Living as a preemie beyond childhood

i'm new.

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I was born three and a half months premature. I have ROP and still have coordination problems from being premature. I was 13 inches long and 2 or three pounds when I was born. I had seizures that I grew out of, but I had them when I was little. I remember having to take a med for them. I had behavior issues when I was a kid and I've read a study recently, that said that premature babies can have those as a result of prematurity. My parents said that I screamed and cried for an hour every night and was pretty much inconsolable during that time period. It was pretty much around the same time every night from eight or nine every night or something. I remember having to have occupational therapy as well as speech therapy when I was younger. I talked very slow and had problems with opening things and zipping and buttoning things and snapping snaps. I still have problems with my grip and it's not as strong as a normal person's. I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until I was in the fourth grade and I had to go through Kindergarten twice because I didn't want to learn how to read. It was too hard for me. I had to have lots of tutering help in the summer, trying to learn how to read and stuff. Even so, I was in the sixth grade or so before I finally mastered Braille and had all my contractions down and didn't confuse them with others.
Anyway, that's just a little bit about me growing up as a preemie. if you'd like some more members, you might want to post an add for this community to the blind and deaf communities and also maybe a Cp one or two.
Take Care,
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