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All Grown Up

Hi! I'm the creator/moderator of this community.  As a former…

Living as a preemie beyond childhood

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I'm the creator/moderator of this community.  As a former preemie (10 weeks early), now 21, I'm just beginning to explore this piece of my identity.  Looking around, I found a significant lack of resources for adult preemies, so I'd like to create a dialogue here.  Please bring questions, stories, observations, and an open mind.
Best, Jules.
  • I think this is an excellent idea! I used to belong to several preemie boards or groups, but they all focus on infants and/or toddlers. My daughter is 5.5yrs old(born 16weeks early) and while she's not out of childhood yet, I can't relate to a lot of these groups. Especially since she seems to be in the minority by not having any long lasting problems.

    I won't be joining the community at the moment only because I do not have the time for another group right now. Good luck to you!

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