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All Grown Up

born at 26 weeks

Living as a preemie beyond childhood

born at 26 weeks

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I just found this community and decided to join.

I was born at 26 weeks by emergency c-section due to multiple complications such as e-coli and my mother having an incompetent cervix... to name a few. It was a "we take the baby and hopefully save your life, or you both die" situation. I weighed only 1 pound 9 ounces and was 12 inches long. I had a grade 4 brain hemorrhage. and developed cerebral palsy.

The doctors were very pessimistic while informing my parents of my seemingly bleak future. It was said that I would be blind, deaf, never be able to do anything for myself, and basically be in a vegetative state for my entire life. That was, if I survived, and the chances of that happening were said to be less than 1 percent. They actually suggested to my parents that they "take no life saving measures"... they said I would be better off dead, because I would have "no quality of life whatsoever."

It was then discovered that I had a condition known as hydrocephalus. Meaning that  my body did not have the ability to drain the buildup of fluid and blood around her brain, so my brain was quite literally being crushed. Therefore, I have had a ventricular shunt since birth.
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