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All Grown Up

Some Hope

Living as a preemie beyond childhood

Some Hope

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Pan Am
I was born six weeks early. I spent weeks in the incubator. My mother had spent the majority of her pregnacy on bed rest.

Now, sixteen years later I am mostly healthy my biggest complaint is vision problems which are corrected by glassess. I have little hand eye co-ordination and no skills in any from of visual or musical art but I can write and am ok at drama. That is supposedly from the hemispheres of my brains  not being in sync because I was born early. 

I am  however  and always have been in the highest maths, science and english classes at school I also skipped year 6 when I moved countries. I'm mostly happy.

I am left-handed which is common in premies.

And, I am always early for things. I run on fifteen minutes a head of everyone else time.

I hope I offer some sort of hope to other premmies and parents of premmies. We can go on to be great.
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